Other Event Attractions

Mopar Model Car Contest

The little cars can be as fun as the big ones! AutoKnow of Utica, Michigan, sponsors the Annual Contest. It takes place in the AutoKnow tent in the Manufacturer Midway (Space O4 & O5). The amount of work and attention to detail these skilled model makers devote to these cars is unbelievable! Participants, ranging from young children to seasoned adults, may enter single or multiple cars, from complete scenes (dioramas) at racetracks to cars rusting away in a remote field. Entry is very simple; the model only needs to be a Mopar/AMC product. Register your model at the AutoKnow tent on Saturday, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Models will be judged in different classes with results posted at 4 p.m. Participants should pick up their models by 5 p.m. Participants are divided into three age groups; 11 and under, 12 through 17 and 18 and over, with each group divided into stock and modified classes. There will also be a class for the diorama entries. Depending on the number of entries per class, First through Third Place trophies will be awarded. If you are into the hobby of building car models, come and compete with some of the best. If you just want to look at the true craftsmanship in these works of art, stop by during your visit to the Mopar Manufacturer Midway. There is a minimal charge for entry.

 The Childrens Coloring Contest & Hot Wheels Drag Race

Takes place on Saturday starting at 11am. (11-12 Noon Coloring Contest) (Hot Wheels Drag Race 12 Noon - 1PM). Participants age 9 and under are qualified . The Nats supplies the Crayons and color theme for the coloring contest and the 1:64 Hot Wheels for the Drag race free of charge. No ringers allowed here. The kids are signed up and they compete in a ladder style elimination Drag Race.  Side by side eliminations just like the big guys are doing on the real strip a couple of hundred feet away.  You can hear the real engines roaring in the background as the kids (and adults) are all excited as their cars are placed on the starting line. The countdown proceeds in Christmas tree fashion and the cars are released to the cheers of the audience. The winner goes on to the next round and the car that is eliminated gets to be kept. by the child. Win or lose the children get to keep their selected race car.  There are plaques for the winners.