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43rd Annual Nationals

You won't want to miss next year's Event! The 43rd Annual Nats is proud to feature the tribute to the 1974 Model year cars with a special Tribute to the Plymouth Barracuda-Cuda. A special display of these vehicles will be parked together. Special editions and rare collectibles will also be featured. This year's event will also feature the General Lee from the Ohio Dukes making a Jump. See Exhibition runs between the Father & Son Duel of the Carter's with their Pro-Mod 1969 Barracuda and 2006 Dodge Viper. Drag Racing at the 43rd Annual Nats always brings out some of the best and fastest iron that the Pentastar ever produced. Competition is fierce! From Max-Wedges, Hemi’s, small-blocks, big-blocks, the Gen II Hemi’s, turbofours and V-10's, Hellcats, Demons & Red Eyes. All will compete in side-by-side drag racing action. See the Nostalgic Shoot-Out where Max Wedge and Hemi cars will compete, which will keep all the audience on its feet. The show, racing and judging, the largest all-Mopar Midway in the world and more than 1,900 Swap Meet spaces, make this a weekend to remember. The 43rd Annual Nats is an event you just can't afford to miss! See many major manufacturers in attendance. From Dodge business coupes to coupes than mean business, from Vipers to 300's to Prowlers to GT Cruisers and the SRT products along with the Hellcat... see it all August 9th - 11th at National Trail Raceway, Columbus, Ohio. Often imitated... never duplicated, it’s the 43rd Annual Nats... It’s going to be blast!