Not great news, due to the recent spike in Covid cases in Ohio, as of today (7-21-2020) we are forced to postpone the event to 2021.  We are sorry we had to change at the last minute but the new restrictions announced by the State do not allow spectators and a very small percentage of participant capacity which has already been surpassed by pre-registered participants.  With it being our 40th Year Anniversary, Tribute to the 1970 Model Year and the General Lee Jump, with Luke & Daisy being there in person and signing autographs, we had no choice but to postpone the event due to these new changes where many of you could have been left out. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you. We thank you for your support. Hope to see you in 2021!

Option 1 - Roll your Car Entry into 2021 and lock in 2020 Pricing or if a Vendor, Roll your Vendor Entry into 2021 and lock in 2020 Pricing & Loaction.  You dont have to do anything.  

Option 2 - Please Refund my Entry. Click on the link below, fill out the form and save it as a new file name and e-mail it to: NationalsRefund2020 @      2020 Nationals Refund Form

Deadline for Refund Requests is August 10, 2020 at 11:59 PM

If you have hotel reservations, remember to cancel or move them to 2021.

Dates for next year are August 13,14,15, 2021 at NTR.


Click on the link below to download the Vendor Application
Click Here to download the Motel Listing


40th Annual Nationals

You won't want to miss this year's Event! The 40th Annual Nats is proud to feature the tribute to the 1970 Model year cars and the Tribute to the E-Body. A special display of these vehicles will be parked together. Special editions and rare collectibles will also be featured. See the General Lee go for the World's Record Jump along with other vehicles from the TV Show and get autographs from the cast members. Drag Racing at the 40th Annual Nats always brings out some of the best and fastest iron that the Pentastar ever produced. Competition is fierce!

2020 Nationals Event Info

Welcome to Mopar Heaven. There is no other show that offers the participant as well as the spectators three action packed days (and nights) of everything MOPAR. With 3000 cars that represent all eras of the Chrysler brands, featuring classics, muscle cars, the high-performance new models and AMC's for a one of a kind everything Mopar weekend.